Capilano Suspension Bridge Park


So what else is there that I didn't do last time I was in Vancouver? CROSSING a suspension bridge! The particular bridge I'm talking about is built across the Capilano river. It's something I've always wanted to do and unfortunately hadn't yet heard of it on my first trip to Vancouver. On my most recent visit, I wasn't about to let theopportunity pass! The park was only about 10 minutes away from downtown. On the day that I went, there was a winter celebration (Canyon Lights) where Christmas lights decorated the park, lighting it up at nightfall. As expected, it was quite chilly when I got there and my gloves were an absolute necessity to keep my hands warm while taking photographs. 


After paying for entry, I picked up the park guide which had an overview of the park. There was historical information all along the way but being stoked as I was to cross the bridge, I didn't really read the everything (oops). As I got to the bridge, nervousness and excitement swirled in me simultaneously. I got over the initial tinges of acrophobia but walking on that bridge was pretty damn trippy. Especially at the middle! The bridge was literally swaying. Thankfully, it wasn't too crowded with people. I kept thinking that I was going to lose my balance and fall over. I did get used to it and took the opportunity to snap some photos before it got dark and crowded after exploring the other side of the park. 


Not only does this park have a really cool suspension bridge, it has many things to see and do, making the park one of the most popular attractions in Vancouver. Along with the nice complimentary guided tours that are offered within the park, I also got to experience the Treetops Adventure and Cliffwalk. The Treetops Adventure offers several viewing platforms and suspension bridges elevated 100 feet above the forest floor while the Cliffwalk is anchored by a granite precipice with the Capilano River below.


If you're ever planning a visit to Vancouver, this park is a MUST VISIT. It offers a unique and fun experience and I would definitely come back to this park. When you come during the winter, be sure to make time to stay for daylight and the canyon light experience.